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 Four Blueberries

four•los•o•phy |fôrˈläsəfē|

noun ( pl. four-losophies )

the theory or attitude held by our organization in which the number four acts as a guiding principle for behavior. 

ORIGIN  “Mama… Is four a little or a lot?”

Cheska smiled. Jacob’s fourth birthday was not far off, and his anticipation had been building. She and the boys were headed home from the doctor’s office, where Jacob’s one-year-old brother, Josef, had just had his immunizations. Cheska could still hear him whimpering behind her, so she was happy for a distraction.

“Hmm… ‘Is four a little, or a lot?’ That’s a good question! I guess it depends…
Four is a little when it’s four blueberries, but a lot when it’s four watermelons! Why do you ask?”

Jacob glanced at his little brother’s tear-streaked face before answering: “Four is a lot of shots.”

So Cheska wrote a story... 


When Cheska shared her story with me, her little brother, Ivan, I loved it instantly, and wanted to share it with all my four-year-old friends. 

Four moved four-cefully to the four-front as we found four illustrators, planned an April 4th release at an a-four-dable price, and four-mulated a four-losophy. 

Now we share our good four-tune by paying it four-ward: Four charities each receive four percent of our profits from the sale of this book. 

(See FAQs* for even more in-four-mation.)


*FAQs: Four Answered QuestionsFourth Birthday Cake Crumbles