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Four Kisses

"Four is a little, Four is a LOT is the perfect gift for the four year old in your life. My son could identify with so many of the ponderings from the story's characters! For him, eating four bites of his broccoli at dinner is a lot. However, chowing down on four chicken nuggets is a little because he loves them so much! I love that it promotes problem solving, creative thinking, comparing and contrasting. We have really enjoyed reading this book over and over again in our house!"

  -Katherine, Beauty Brite


"A really cute book. The illustrations are gorgeous. The writing is good. It got the kids and I talking as we read it. This is a really fun book, and I'm happy to have it in our collection."

  -Lacey Wolfe, New Age Mama


"Four is a little, Four is a LOT makes a great gift for families." 

  -Erinn Sluka, Parenting Healthy


"Using age-appropriate vocabulary to help teach Number Sense to four-year-olds, Four is a little, Four is a LOT aligns perfectly with pre-school Common Core standards. And as an educator, I also appreciate all the different children at the Birthday party. On the surface, it's a book about Four, and subtly, it's also a book about Diversity." 

  -Wendy Osborne, Teacher, San Francisco


"My son received your book for his 4th birthday, and we both loved it! We read it over and over, until it literally fell apart. So sad! Please make a hardback version! We'd love a copy that my son could enjoy forever, and maybe one day give to his own four-year-old child." 

  -Amy O., Oakland, CA*

*Along with similar comments from other customers, this email was strong motivation to make a hardback. Thanks, Amy!Birthday Cake for four year olds, from Four is a little, Four is a LOT - fourlosophy